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Divorce and Bankruptcy

Divorce and Bankruptcy

Divorce and bankruptcy is a complicated subject. It is not advised that you file for both at the same time.

Not all of your obligations will stop if you file for bankruptcy while also filing for divorce. Filing for bankruptcy will not get you out of paying child support or most tax debt.

Divorce can affect your credit score. It will be necessary for you to split your debts and joint credit cards up. However, even if your former spouse files for bankruptcy, it does not mean it will eliminate your half of the debt.

Keep Communication Lines Open

When going through a divorce, it will be necessary to keep your communication lines open. This could help save your credit score and understand all of your financial obligations when you are going through a divorce.

Keeping communication lines open between you and your former spouse is even more important if you or your spouse are planning on filing for bankruptcy.

If you plan to file for bankruptcy while also going through a divorce, it is best to speak with a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney who will work with you while going through the bankruptcy process.Please do not hesitate to call us or to email us at info@thehansonlawfirm.com

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