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Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney: What Not To Do If You Are Planning On Filing Bankruptcy.

Many times it just takes one unexpected thing to happen in life to be in a position of having to file for bankruptcy. This could be loosing a job, having a huge totally unexpected medical bill. At Hanson & Hanson Law Firm we are here to help.

No matter what these unexpected situations are a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney is here to help you. Most Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorneys offer a free consultation to their first-time clients. This can often time help you determine if filing for Bankruptcy is going to be the right decision for you or not.

When you are talking with your attorney about filing for bankruptcy it is important that you are 100% honest with them. We certainly understand how it is easy to make things seem less than they are when you are talking to a total stranger. However, being transparent and honest with your Tulsa bankruptcy attorney will more than likely be able to help you come up with game plan regarding filing for bankruptcy.

What Not To Do Before Filing For Bankruptcy

Most of this should go without saying, but you do not want to take on any extra debts. You should not think that because you are going to file for bankruptcy that you can just go out and starting add up debts that you know that you cannot pay off.

You do not need to be loaning money to friends or family that you do not have. Most of this should go without saying.

You should also avoid selling anything. Yes, this means your car and your home. This also includes things like valuable gold coins. This does not mean that you should not sell these things, but you should defiantly consult your attorney first.

Why should you talk to your attorney first before selling things like this? Because these things are considered your assets. If you loose or gain enough assets it could affect your ability to file for bankruptcy.

That is why it is important to leave everything as it is. If we see that you gain or loose assets at a super fast rate then this could affect your ability for file for bankruptcy. At the very least consult your attorney before make any sudden changes to your assets.

Filing For Bankruptcy Is A Big Decision

We would highly recommend that you consult talking to a Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney before filing for Bankruptcy. At Hanson & Hanson Law Firm we are more than ready to consult you about filing for Bankruptcy. Please feel free to give us at call at 1-918-409-0634.