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What To Do If Your Home Is Facing Foreclosure?

If you are facing a foreclosure on your home, there may be several options that are available to you. However, it is important that you speak to a Tulsa Bankruptcy as soon as possible so you can get this issue resolved as soon as you possibility can. It is possible that a temporary restraining order could help you in avoiding a foreclosure on your home.

Saving Your Home Could Involve Filing For Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

Filing For Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

After you have filed for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy you will get a reprieve from your debt collectors. This very same reprieve will also apply to your mortgage lenders. Thus, the foreclosure process will stop. However, this does not mean that it will stop entirely the foreclosure process. However, this will buy you some much needed time while your bankruptcy is being filed. The mortgage process is fairly complicated in America and this will buy you some time as your mortgage will more than likely go through several hands before you are issued a summons.

Basically, this process will allow you to buy some time before your home goes into foreclosure. Your Tulsa Bankruptcy attorney will be able to discuss this whole process with you when you sit down and meet with them.

Filing For Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

The process is basically the same when you file for Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This will allow you to buy some time on your part. It will give you time to pay past due mortgage statements.

When filing Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy in order to help save your home you really to speak with a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney will be able to best advise you in order to save your home. It really can vary from situation to situation. A Tulsa Bankruptcy attorney will be able to best advise you regarding your situation.

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