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Tulsa Bankruptcy Alternatives

We understand that filing for bankruptcy is a fairly big thing to do. We would encourage you to really think through it for a time as it will stay on your credit report for 10 years. There are a few other ways besides filing for bankruptcy. However, these options all include paying off your debt.

Credit Payment Negotiations

It is possible that with the help of a Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney that you could negotiate your debt with your creditors. Basically, the goal with this option would be to lower your monthly payments enough so that could afford them. In some cases, the debt can be negotiated as well. Creditors are generally willing to negotiate with you in order to help you out. However, you also have to be able to help them out. In some cases, you could think about selling some of your sell your assets in order to help pay off your debts.

Credit Counseling

Credit agencies can help you negotiate your debt with your creditors. This does require credit counseling. However, these agencies are generally more than willing to work with you to help you negotiate your debt.

Consulting a Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney

We would advise you to consult with a Tulsa bankruptcy attorney if you are considering filing for bankruptcy. Even if you are not ready to declare bankruptcy. A good Tulsa bankruptcy attorney will be able to help you figure out what your options are from looking over all of your debts. Once an attorney sees your debts versus your income they will be able to tell your what your best options are.

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