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Should You Hire A Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney?

As a Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney we have worked with many clients. We understand what you feel like. We understand that it can feel pretty hopeless drowning in a sea of debt that only seems to grow worse by the day. We understand what it feels like no being able to pay your bills.

We also understanding that filing for a Tulsa Bankruptcy is not a step you want to take lightly or quickly. We offer a free first consolation to help you determine if filing for a Tulsa bankruptcy is something that you want to consider following through with.

We understand as you do that there are advantages and disadvantages of filing for bankruptcy. We understand that it can harm your credit rating. However, we also understand that if you are already struggling with debt that your credit rating could already be fairly low. At Hanson & Hanson Law Firm we want to help you determine if bankruptcy is the right thing for you.

Benefits Of Filing For A Tulsa Bankruptcy

The largest advantage of filing for a Tulsa Bankruptcy is that it will put a stay on all of your creditors. Thus, the harassing phone calls will stop. Your creditors will no longer be able to send you threatening letters in mail and continue to harass you for payments.

The greatest advantage of this will be that the Court will be able to discharge some of your debts. In most cases the Court will not be able to discharge all of your debts, but many of your debts will be able to be discharged.

When a Court discharges your debts it means that you are no longer responsible for them. Thus, the burden of having to pay off many of those debts will no longer be there.

Filing For A Tulsa Bankruptcy will not Cover All Debt

You will still be responsible for your home mortgage, student loans, tax debt and things like child support. Filing for Tulsa Bankruptcy is by no means a get out of jail free card. However, filing for bankruptcy can relieve you of such things medical bills and other expenses that could be weighing you down.

Determining If You Should File For Bankruptcy Or Not

The #1 determining factor of if you should file for bankruptcy should be how much income you are bringing in versus how much debt you have. The #1 thing that would make you file for bankruptcy is if you are currently unemployed and have mounting debts that continue to add up. In most cases if you have a job you should consider other avenues besides bankruptcy unless you have six figure medical bills that there is no way out of besides filing for Bankruptcy.

A Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney will gladly help you determine if filing for a Tulsa Bankruptcy is the right decision for you.