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How To Save Money As A 20 Something

Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney | How To Save Money As A 20 Something

When you are in your 20’s calling a Tulsa Bankruptcy Attorney seems like something you would never even consider. However, when you hit your 30’s and 40’s and life starts to happen you might have wished you had some a few things different in your 20’s.

    1) Never Spend More Than You Earn. This is a rule you should stick too your entire life. However, if you are considering bankruptcy it sometimes is not totally your fault. Maybe you got hit with a medical expense that was more money than you had saved up. That said keeping a large savings account does in a way keep you more immune from large expenses that come up such as medical bills.
    2) Save, Save, Save and Save more. If you can start saving in your 20’s then saving later on in life will be much easier. The more you save now, the easier it will be to save for in the future. Once you have a large savings account built up it will be even easier to put more money into it in the future because you will not be concerned about living paycheck to paycheck.
    3) If it is possible, avoid debt.This is not always realistic to do as many 20 something’s are into buying their first house or buying their first brand new car after they got their first real job out of college. That said do not take on more debt than you can handle and put saving your money way ahead of taking on more debt.
    4) Keep an eye on your budget. If you get a new job that pays twice as much as what you are currently making then adjust your budget to meet your new needs and lifestyle. That said if you do get a new job that pays more money then make sure that that nest egg you have saved up continues to grow.

All of these tips should keep you out of a Tulsa bankruptcy attorneys office in the future.

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