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How Much Does It Cost?

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How Much Does a Tulsa Bankruptcy Cost?

Filing for bankruptcy is generally very affordable considering your alternatives. Attorney fees range from $1500 to as much as $4500 depending on the chapter you file and the complexity of your case. In most Chapter 7 cases the full fee is needed up front. Chapter 13 cases are more expensive, but no more than half the attorney fee is paid prior to filing. Your attorney will quote you a fee and provide a written contract regarding fees prior to filing your case. The filing fee for Chapter 7 is $338 and for Chapter 13 is $313.

What Does It Include?

The attorney's fee for bankruptcy will include everything that is involved in the process. This includes things such as communicating with you through email, phone, and text. It will also include all of the time they have to spend filing the paperwork for your bankruptcy.

Payment Plan

Most attorneys will take installment payments but typically won't file a Chapter 7 without the full fee unless their is a garnishment, levy, or pending sheriff's sale. In Chapter 13 cases, an initial retainer is paid up to half of the total attorney fee and the remainder is paid through the monthly Chapter 13 Plan payments..

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